Why Work-Life Balance is Crucial

“Work-life balance isn’t a teeter-totter. It doesn’t have to be 50-50. It can be 60-40 if you really value your career, or 40-60 if you’re focused on family, but you need to have a work-life balance.” The words of the Women in Business panelist resonated with me deeply. I cringe when I hear public relations professionals … More Why Work-Life Balance is Crucial


How to Use Emoji in Marketing (As Told by a Millennial)

You know the power of harnessing trends to connect your company with the younger generation, but it’s also easy to miss the mark and come across as out of touch. Want to reduce that risk? Take these key do’s and don’ts from a millennial (ahem, me) when using emoji in your marketing efforts: 1. DO use … More How to Use Emoji in Marketing (As Told by a Millennial)

Who Do You Know Here?

You’ll get asked this at the door of any college house party, unless the student-turned-bouncer already recognizes you. They always growl the phrase; “who do you know here?” becomes aggressive rather than inquisitive. And with good reason–if you don’t know someone there, you’re more likely to steal, break something, or be an otherwise disrespectful party guest. The … More Who Do You Know Here?