Leaving the Classroom and Learning from the World

There comes a time (namely, graduation day) when even the most academically driven students have to leave school behind and enter the proverbial “real world.”

The challenge here–especially for those who thrived in the classroom–is finding ways to continue learning. Learning shouldn’t stop just because we’ve earned a degree, but it may look a little bit different than listening to a professor’s lecture or making study guides from textbook material.

18595630_10212727916414821_4600602413980683980_oFor me, I’ve committed to learning about other histories and cultures by traveling the world for roughly 8 months post-grad. I’ll be visiting places that are both very much within my comfort zone (like Paris, a city I’ve already visited where I’ll be staying with friend from high school) and places that make me feel a bit nervous (like Morocco, where I don’t speak the language and I’ve been told it’s ideal to have a man accompanying you at all times).

Some of the learning I anticipate will come from museums that explain a country’s history thoroughly and chronologically, but I also aim to meet locals who can help to illustrate their country’s culture and customs while comparing them to the norms I’ve grown up with.

Travel is one of the most incredible ways to learn, and I’m excited to continue growing a global understanding by exploring the world. I’ll be documenting the journey primarily on my travel blog but I may include posts here to supplement.

Come along with me–you may even learn something too 🙂


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