Think Topography

Think Topography Strategic Plan

Familiar with the “cobbler’s children” phenomenon? Even small agencies like Think Topography in Ithaca, NY aren’t immune to the issue of neglecting to build their own company’s reputation while focusing on marketing for their clients.

To counteract this pervasive problem, I took on the charge of developing a marketing content strategy for Think Topography. Internal discovery sessions about goals and challenges started the process, followed by competitive analysis and keyword research. I also established governance and a timeline for deliverables like wireframes, full site redesign, and face-to-face business development opportunities.


Ithaca Festival Infographic

Think Topography developed the website and mobile app for the annual Ithaca Festival, a massive event that attracts visitors from all over Tompkins County. The event provided an amazing opportunity to co-market Think Topography’s services alongside the Ithaca Festival brand. I designed the following infographic to lay out traffic patterns from‘s website and corresponding mobile app, then draw conclusions about the meaning behind those numbers. The data visualization serves as a visual case study of the impact that Think Topography can create through strategy, software, and design.

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This infographic shows data from the Ithaca Festival app, including its performance.