We’ve all been there – you start to leave a website, and suddenly the words “before you go!” appear, asking for permission to fill your already-swamped email inbox with their marketing messages.

As a digital marketer, you can implement this in two ways. The first fails to acknowledge that your audience is human, leveraging dark patterns like hiding the (x) somewhere besides the standard right-hand corner. The second way is the better alternative, providing actual value or a better experience to customers in the precious last moments you have their attention.

Making the latter the industry norm? Not an easy feat. But one I was willing to take on with informative and engaging content for Wisepops, a SaaS solution for creating these pop-ups.

As a freelance writer for Dusti Arab’s agency thinkCHARM, I contributed B2B content that encouraged marketers to “growth hack” with ethics and customer experience at the forefront of their initiatives. This mindset has become part and parcel to everything I do in marketing, turning away from deceptive tactics and putting audience needs first.


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