Strategic Planning

Think Topography Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a skill that I was introduced to in the classroom, but I later got to apply to a real company through my summer position as Marketing Strategy Associate at Think Topography. This presentation summarizes the work I did at TT, however it does not highlight other ways I contributed to the plan’s development, such as competitive analysis, keyword research, and action planning.


Renewergy Human Resources Simulation

In the senior capstone Communication Management Lab at Ithaca College, my classmates and I worked on a variety of human resources/management projects for a simulated green energy company called Renewergy. During the first half of the semester, I collaborated with my team to  create a three-part program to enhance community service within the company and build a stronger culture of giving back. My work primarily included conducting secondary research about corporate philanthropy, developing program evaluation methods, creating implementation matrices, and writing company communications, in addition to contributing to the program’s elements.

In the second half of the semester, my team created an employee recognition and rewards program for Renewergy. Along with collaborating on the program’s specific elements, I primarily analyzed research on trends and best practices in employee recognition, designed our program’s evaluation methods (including developing the survey), and creating the newsletter from writing content to designing layout with InDesign.


Tourism to Oman Public Relations Campaign

Our PR campaign proposal is designed to increase awareness of Oman as a safe travel destination and to boost actual tourism numbers to the country. We plan to achieve these goals through social media conversation, influencer relations, and pop-up events. This public relations proposal starts with situational analysis and leads into our planned objectives, target audiences, tactics, and evaluation methods.


GreenStar Community Projects Midterm Report

This report establishes my 180 Degrees Consulting team’s direction for developing a communications strategy. GreenStar Community Projects is an Ithaca-based nonprofit that has many different communications concerns, and this report sets out a situational analysis and intended priorities.


Strategy Proposal: 365 by Whole Foods Market

This project consisted of creating a marketing campaign proposal to help 365 by Whole Foods Market to launch effectively. I contributed to this strategy by establishing target audience, brand persona, overall campaign strategy, and timeline.