Project Look Sharp

“Your job is to find articles about media literacy online, then post the link with a quote on our Facebook. Plus you can do ‘on this day in history’ on Twitter, when appropriate.”

On day one of my social media internship at media literacy nonprofit Project Look Sharp, that was the only guidance I received. Immediately I set out to not just manage our social presence, but to optimize it. Project Look Sharp isn’t a well-known nonprofit outside of the very niche media literacy space, and they simply weren’t reaching their target audience of school teachers.

To boost awareness and engagement, I created a social strategy that included preliminary hashtag and competitive research, creating content calendars with different types of post formats, and measuring engagement and other analytics to determine what resonated most with Project Look Sharp’s audience. After just three months, this strategy had already positively impacted PLS’s following and interaction levels.

55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action. Nonprofits can’t afford to neglect their social profiles; doing so means missing opportunities to connect with future donors, volunteers, and activists.