Other Projects

 Design Inquiry: Employee Benefits

In my Critical Issues in Organizations capstone class, I was asked to identify a problem in organizations and set out to solve it through design inquiry. My team recognized that many employees feel unsatisfied by their benefits packages, and through research and concept mapping discovered that the problem doesn’t lie in the benefits themselves but in their lack of understanding and thus underutilization of their packages. We set out to change that from a communications perspective with an informative application geared towards upcoming employees from Generation Z. This design inquiry outlines our research on the issue, potential fixes and their pros/cons, and our proposed solution.

Pitch: Improving Disability Representation

“Representation Celebration” is a project created in the Media for Social Responsibility mini-course through the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. My team addressed one aspect of the underrepresentation of disability in popular culture by creating a greeting card company that includes images of disability in its designs. Our team won the competition portion of the course because our pitch stood out in a sea of social media campaigns and tackled the issue directly rather than focusing on raising awareness.