Oman Tourism PR Campaign

Tourism to Oman Public Relations Campaign

Say “I want to visit Oman” and most Americans will tilt their heads in confusion. The first reaction? “What’s Oman?” When you describe its location – in the Middle East, next to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and UAE – you’re bound to get this second reaction: “Why would you want to go there?”

But Oman is an incredibly safe and gorgeous travel destination, with tons of opportunities for warm weather, adventure travel, and cultural immersion. To increase awareness of the country as an up-and-coming hotspot and boost tangible tourism numbers, I worked with a team of fellow Ithaca College students to create this PR campaign. It starts with situational analysis and leads into our planned objectives, target audiences, tactics, and evaluation methods. As team lead, I took on the bulk of the strategy and creative ideation, from social media conversation to influencer relations to pop-up events.