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Higher education marketing is all about stories. To attract prospective students, you have to paint a picture of their future, both in the short term (which campus events are most exciting?) and in the long term (how will their coursework turn into an actual job?).

A focus on storytelling isn’t unique to higher ed marketing, however. 92% of customers want brands to make ads that feel like a story, and stories are 22x more likely to be remembered than discrete facts.

At Ithaca College, Fuse magazine was the primary home for tales of student life. I wrote feature stories to highlight student leaders in the classroom, at their club meetings, and on the sports field, including two first-person accounts of my own most memorable college experiences. IC News stories served a similar purpose – reporting on the most incredible happenings around campus certainly does perk up the ears of discerning prospective students – but they spoke to a wider audience of current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and local community members.

Writing for Fuse and IC News honed my skills in knowing an audience deeply and finding the extraordinary spark that make a seeming plain-clothes event resonate. And that, as all marketers know, is the key to content success.

Image result for ithaca college fuseFuse Magazine (via Ithaca College Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications)

IC News
(via Ithaca College Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications)