Office of Multicultural Affairs Design

Here I’ve created two half-sheets (intended to be front/back, with top half as front and bottom half as back) for the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Ithaca College. The first version is more minimalist and represents my usual design aesthetic, while the second version represents the more informative version that my supervisor wanted.


Ithaca Festival Infographic

I created this infographic while working as a Marketing Strategy Associate at Think Topography. It lays out traffic patterns from’s website and corresponding mobile app, then draws conclusions about the meaning behind those numbers. This data visualization shows the impact that Think Topography created by developing Ithaca Festival’s mobile presence. Click image to enlarge.

This infographic shows data from the Ithaca Festival app, including its performance.


GreenStar Community Projects Website Redesign

This presentation shows the original website for GreenStar Community Projects, an Ithaca-based nonprofit for which I provided pro bono communications consulting during Fall 2015 with a team of other Ithaca College students. As part of our deliverables, I created a mockup of a potential redesign concept for their website to improve communication to potential donors and volunteers.


Logo & Style Guide

This style guide is designed to establish the standards for my personal brand’s logos, colors, and fonts. It is a good example of how I can create and adhere to cohesive design standards.